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    GoTogethertoVote gives GOTV Directors working with campaigns, coordinated campaigns or coordinated campaigns, and PACs the ability to deploy SmartGOTV℠ that enhances the tried and true of yesteryear’s voter mobilization.


    Sketch, Invision, Photoshop, Illustrator, and WordPress.


    Branding & Identity / Logo Design, Web / Mobile App Design, and Landing Page Website.


Connecting Drivers and Voters, Within a Campaign.

    How do we connect voters and coordinated campaigns? What is their current process like? How organized is it?

    I was in a meeting with stakeholders, they talked about their past experiences within campaigns, they said it can get pretty chaotic in the war room, and also stated Murphy’s Law; “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” A lot of things are done manually with a spreadsheet including ride sharing to voting polling locations. So we need a more automated process that will connect voters and driver.

    I first did a competitive analysis on other pooling apps, comparing 2 pain points Security and Reality. We all had our bad experiences within carpooling apps. So a solution is to have a more extensive background check for drivers. I created a user journey map on how the user data would be driven, as a Driver, Voter and campaign admin.

User Journey Map


    After gathering all the information for the mobile app, I created wireframes using Sketch. I also was tasked to create a landing page for GoTogetherToVote. What GTTV was about and product launch date using Wordpress.

Mobile prototype

    I then proceeded to create clickable prototype using Invision. Then presenting prototype to the stakeholder to get feedback. We made changes from email to phone number since this was for a mobile app and for better customer tracking across different channels, phone numbers more convenient than emails.

Click here to view: Mobile Prototype


    This is a continuing project, we wanted to have the product launched before 2018 United States elections. But due to the short timeline it was very difficult to have a polished product ready. There were a lot of moving pieces trying to push this product to launch. I’ve learned that in any startup you have to go above and beyond to help you clients.

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