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    Go Together is innovating the ways parents, schools, teams safely get their children to be successful in life.


    Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, Slidely and WordPress.


    Design a landing page for Go Together.

Focus of this landing page?

    What is the purpose of this landing page? To promote who we are and an product to showcase? In this case yes to both, to promote a Go-Together product's called CarpoolToSchool.
    I reseached competitor's websites along with popular websites to showcase Go Together's Mobile app.   Based on all the information I gathered I then began on creating a wireframe layout.

Competitors websites
Pooling Features


    I then proceed to wireframing, then to a mid-fidlety visual mockup to see how everything would flow. I superimposed some of the screens buy photoshoping it to a mockup iphone.

WireFrame Mid-Fi

Adding a video & Using a mobile menu

    After all the wireframes, I started intergrated my designs to WordPress. My client decides to throw a curve ball and wanted add a video montage conveying a message. I used a previous Sliedly video that I created in the past. Also, she wanted to use a mobile menu to link to other products, rather than navigate links.


    This project was fun, I've always enjoyed designing and gotten more into development. Using different CMS (Content Management System), is a learning process, and once you used one you used them all. I wasn't a big fan of the mobile menu on websites that the client requested, but I think in this cause it works because this site was very simple and clean. I did run into issues before having elements break when it responsive but manage to fix it with some knowlegde of HTML and CSS.

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