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    Go Together is innovating the ways parents, schools, teams safely get their children to be successful in life.


    Sketch, InVision, WhiteBoard, Sharpies & Paper.


    User Interface & Interaction Design, along with Prototyping.

Why Carpool?

    One of the main functions to carpooltoschool's app is to create a carpool. But why do we need to even create a pool in the first place? is there any benefit in creating at pool? So to have a better understanding I dug up some reasons why pools are even considered. The advantage of carpooling, Save money, Share the costs of driving with other riders. Save time, by carpool, you can drive in the HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lane. Help the environment and It reduces traffic. For families it can be more beneficial, the case of kids going to 2 sepreate schools in oppsite directions. This can be very cumbersome for parents, with their heckic schedules.
    To create a pool. We need information on the child, parent, pickup location, drop off location.. etc.

2nd Ideation

    I worked closely with the developer creating a better experience for parents setting up carpools. First, we created a sketch on how the flow should be. I then created some wireframes in sketch.

How is it going to Interact?

    After converting all the mockups in sketch, I proceeded to create interactive wireframes. I thought of ways how the user can be more engaged, one of the ways that I’ve seen is creating and expanding search bar. I also showed other ways how a user can edit information using Admin-lite. This example allowed the user to jump to other part of the forms seamlessly.

Click here to demo protoype.

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