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    You set your school and job goals. Using what you already know, MARi helps you navigate to​ ​the right education paths, occupations, and thousands of job possibilities – intelligently nudging you to stay on track. Along the way, you’re provided access to the very best assessments, learning applications, and career tools on the planet – all customized to help you get to where you want to go.


    Sketch, InVision, WhiteBoard, Sharpies & Paper.


    User Interface & User Experience Design, along with Prototyping.

How to Display Data?

    One of the first tasks I worked on was the login credential page. I first research best practices for displaying and editing information. I searched on sites that had examples for how to achieve this. Linkdin has a pretty good format on displaying and editing information seamlessly. This set the bar on a lot of following projects I did at MARi. I also made some quick wireframes on competitions’ sites and how they had their UI dashboards setup.

Sign-Up Login Page
Admin/Organization screens
Coach/Teacher/Student screens
Chief Wireframes
Admin-Lite Wireframes

Do we have the right Features?

    I worked closely with the Stakeholder, He showed me all his idea's on a powerpoint. I ended up converting all his powerpoint slides into interactive wireframes using Sketch. I created over 100 screens.

Wireframe ideations

Admin Lite Partial Prototype

Coaches/Teachers Partial Prototype
How is it going to Interact?

    After converting all the mockups in sketch, I proceeded to create interactive wireframes. I thought of ways how the user can be more engaged, one of the ways that I’ve seen is creating and expanding search bar. I also showed other ways how a user can edit information using Admin-lite. This example allowed the user to jump to other part of the forms seamlessly.

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