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    The Mom Valet is a start-up that operates in 12 cities including the DC area. We recognize that modern day families are busy, and often have conflictingnschedules. The Mom Valet’s mission is to help busy moms get their children to and from private school, activities, social events, and wherever they need to go.


    Sketch, Marvel, Photoshop, Illustrator, WhiteBoard, Sharpies & Paper.


    My primary role was Visual & User Experience Design, and Prototyping; secondary roles include user research.

The Challenge
How can we gain the parent's trust?

    More than 50% of the 46000 private (independent, charter, and religious) schools offer limited or no transportation. Parents and schools cite transportation as one of the top 3 reasons why they select a school. The pain is great and we want to be their choice for how parents solve this pressing problem.

What are parents’ issues?

    Through competitive analysis we compared 4 major competitors: KidzJet, Shuddle, HopSkipDrive and including uber. Uber is one of the fastest growing business that everybody uses for transportation. In conclusion, we found 2 main issues, anxiety and convenience. We used the findings from the user interviews to develop personas.

Do we have the right Features?

    After gathering all the data, we decided to do a design studio to find out what kind of ideas we could implement in our mobile design. We all had different directions as to what functionality we should have. We decided to have a calendar as a key function because parents need help organizing their schedules, so visualy having a kid(s) activity on a calander is vival in this app. After sketching I did some wireframing, incorporating our ideas with established best practices.

Mobile App Ideations

The Mom Valet Partial Prototype
What are the Key Features?

    After all our sketching and ideations, we created mid-fidelity prototypes.


    We Presented the Application to the client. Presenting all the research along with the designs that we came up with. I demoed the mobile app using the Marvel a prototype software. I navigated all the functions in the app, as well as demonstrated the UI and User Experience design. The client was very pleased with the results. We later had a meeting with her developers too, and I took them through the process of the mobile application.

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