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    Marriott International, Inc. is a leading hospitality company with more than 3,900 properties, 18 brands, and associates at our headquarters, managed and franchised properties around the world. Nearly 70% of all hotel rooms under construction for Marriott are beyond North Americas shores. They need to cater to a much more international set of travelers moving forward.


    Sketch, Axure, InVision, Marvel, Photoshop, Illustrator, WhiteBoard, Sharpies & Paper.


    My primary role was Visual & User Experience Design, and Prototyping.

The Challenge
How do we expand our business to Generation X and Millennials?

    The new CEO, Sorenson, is targeting Generation X and Millennials, the younger business travelers who might otherwise consider Marriott conventional and "uncool." One of their latest brands, Moxy Hotel, is tossing out stodgy suits and forever check-in lines and creating a stylish atmosphere where self-service means you can do what you want, when you want without holding you up.

Why do people stay at Moxy Hotels?

    As a team we explored all the different options on how can create a solution to the problem. First, we gathered information from travel review sites, reviewing everything from the positive to the negative comments. Also looked into recent millennial technology trends. We found that people complained about everything from the room temperture to the mediocre service. Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp are the many apps that most mill used I conclude that young adults like to stay connected thru social media mobility and loved sourced reviews.
    I created a competitive analysis focusing on 4 categories, Social Network, Sourced Reviews, Hospitality and Mobile Tech and compared 3 other competitors. Furthermore, we narrowed down the scope of the problem. User surveys revealed business travelers look for hotels close to cities, they don’t like to interact with guests in hotels and when they look for activities it was through recommendations.
    Based on all the information we gathered I created 2 Personas.

Which device(s) will be used?

    After gathering the initial research results, we conducted a design studio session to work through our ideas. Our solution consisted of a touch screen TV (GoBoard) and a mobile device. These platforms because our users (Generation X & Millennials) loved to use their mobile device to search for information and/or connect with other people. Shopping malls use interactive GoBoards to search for your store preference, information and location. Therefore making GoBoards effective hotel lobbies. as well.

Mobile App Ideations

    Ideations for both GoBoard and Mobile platforms were conducted. Through the first round of testing, we found users seem to be confused with the word “networking,” so we made some changes to the wording

What are the Key Features?

    After all our sketching and ideations, we created mid-fidelity prototypes. We had 2 prototypes that had a lot of functionality. I mainly focused on building the mobile app. Lots of key features that interacted with the hotel, everything from a keycard for your room to the settings of your room. The GoBoard has a lot of social networking aspects. One function allows the user to see or connect with an employee of a company that who is currently at the hotel for an event. Ofcourse, it's up to the business traveler to decided if he or she wants information to be shown or not.


    We presented a live Demonstration of the User Experience between GoBoard and Mobile Device, viewing the use of social networking through both the GoBoard and Mobile Application. We showed the whole process from start to finish of how a you would use this mobile app from the moment you walked in the hotel. Also, demonstrated using the GoBoard to check out events, sending informtation to your phone by waving your phone, and completing the checkout process. I presented how the user can navigate through the mobile app and the functionality and features. In conclusion, Our team and I solution to increase younger traveler demographic to hotels was successful, by having interactive technologies that communicate with each other aswell as networking with business travelers.

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